Frieda Martin
Pen & Ink / Watercolours


(posted on 23 May 2014)

Recently I visited The Red Gallery in OakBay near Victoria, its a really nice space in a lovely location on Oak Bay Ave. The owners are very friendly and welcoming as well. I found out that they were holding a "Mystery Show" in June . It is a "lottery" style draw to see who gets first, second, third etc. pick of the paintings to buy. There were 103 artists vying for a chance to participate and only 40 were chosen...lucky me, I was chosen! All the paintings are 10" x 10" and only signed on the back. thats where the "mystery"comes in...potential purchasers chose the paintings they want to buy only by what they like, not by price or artist's name! All paintings are the same price - $295. Should be fun!