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(posted on 2 Sep 2022)

I am often asked how I finish my paintings. For the last several years I have been "gallery-wrapping" my paintings, this means I continue my art work around the edges, so that it is visible from the sides, top and bottom. These art works are not meant to be framed, they are finished as is. I like this process, it looks clean and uncluttered. There is no matt or frame to detract from the art work and no glass is needed to protect the art work. 

I start with a sheet of 140 LB Cold Press watercolour paper (Arches), cut to fit the wood cradled panel and the excess to wrap around the edges, like wrapping a present. When the art work is finished I turn it over to the "wrong" side and mist it with water to dampen the paper. Then I sandwich the paper between 2 linen tea towels, put a board over that and weigh it down with books and weights. It usually takes about 24 hours to dry, then I remove the weights, books, board and tea towels. 

I like to give some extra protection to the wood cradled panel by putting a regular acrylic medium (thinner than the gel medium) on the inside and outside, or using a white acrylic paint.

I place the cradled panel on the wrong side, marking the back for even placement. I then use Golden Matte Heavy Body acrylic medium to stick the paper to the cradled panel, starting with the top side only. I then turn it over and use a "breyer" (a small rubber roller) to smooth out the paper and make sure that there is even coverage and no bubbles. I then weigh everything down again with books and weights and let it dry for 24 hours.

After 24 hours I remove the weights, turning it over so that the art work is on the bottom and the back of the cradled panel facing me. I mist the sides of the paper that will be wrapped up the sides, let it soften for a minute or so, and then when pliable, gently bend the paper up the sides of the cradled panel. I start with 2 opposite sides first, putting some of the acrylic medium evenly on the wrong side and again gently wrapping it up the side of the cradled panel. A friend made me some 3/8" thick wooden bars that are 30" long and 1-1/2" high, I use these and wood clamps to clamp the 2 sides. Once dry (about 24 hours) I repeat on the other 2 opposite sides. I am then left with a little triangle of paper on each corner, once the 4 sides are dry I mist the corner triangles to soften them and use a little of the acrylic medium in the triangle and on one side where I will fold it against one side of the cradled panel/artworkAgain I work on opposite sides and clamp them like I did the sides.

Once that is all dry (again 24 hours or so) I apply a very thin coat of Gamblin Cold Wax Medium, working in circles (no it does not disturb the paint or india ink...don't know why, but it doesnt!) I let that dry 24 hours or until it feels dry and then add a 2nd thin coat. Once it is all dry...we are done! Protected!

(posted on 12 Apr 2019)

I am happy to say that I have been awarded the TNSC award at the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter (of the Federation of Canadian Artists) Open Art Show and Sale this year. What a lovely surprise! My painting of a rock wall "A Rock And A Hard Place" was the chosen art work. This art work was done from reference photos I took at Smuggler's cove near Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast.

(posted on 12 Jul 2018)

well, it has been a very busy few months! In May/June I was approached to join 6 other local, female artists (we are 9 now) and form an Art Collective with views to opening our own gallery to display our work. We decided to share space with an exercise studio, as they had a great downtown, storefront location, close to the Public Art Gallery. They of course, use floor space, not so much the walls and they run classes in the morning and some evenings. WE will run our gallery in the afternoons and take turns sitting in the gallery. It is an interesting partnership where we can share rent and both benefit from a great location. We opened up on JUly 6th with a "soft" opening, giving us a chance to "practice" if you will. We have been open 4 business days far so good! There are lots of things to learn, change and accept and we are hoping for a reasonably successful run. Wish us luck and by all means come for a visit!  Lazuline Gallery, 101 Hudson Ave. NE, Salmon Arm, BC

Today I received word that 2 of my paintings have been accepted into the FCA TNSC Chapter, "Spring Art Show"

"Skullduggery" and "Upon Reflection" will be on show at The Old Courthouse in Kamloops, BC from April 20 until April 29th, 2018.

In the meantime i am working on a commission of a dog portrait and experimenting with my art work and a light box for a show coming up at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery in November. Most of the works in this show will involve "light" in some way, should be interesting!

(posted on 11 Mar 2018)

"a funny thing happened on the way" to Spring...I was honoured to have 2 paintings chosen as "People's Choice in the last 2 months. My painting "Go Fish" of the Harbour Seal was at a show at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery (tied with a lovely lady named Mary Thomas). My painting "Gun Boat Bay" was at the Courtyard Gallery in Enderby, BC. "Go Fish" has also sold and an inquiry has been made for "Gun Boat Bay" Happy days! 

2018 is providing new inspiration and new venues to pursue! I am planning on entering new shows and putting some of the ones that I have participating in for many years, on hold for this year. I simply cannot enter ALL of them, so choices have to be made. With that comes new excitement and ideas though. I started off the new year with entering the "18" show at Salmon Arm Art Gallery, an exciting show with something like 330 pieces of art work, all had to be 18" x 18", or 18" x 18" x 18". All the flat work is hung within centimetres of each other like tiles from floor to ceiling. Although it goes against the "rules" for hanging art, it looks amazing! In February I am hanging one or two paintings in Enderby's Courtyard Gallery, a new venue for me. I entered two paintings in the on-line FCA show, both got juried in and one received an "Honourable Mention". I plan to enter the Kamloops FCA show in April and participate in Salmon Arm's Culture Crawl in August. I will be paired with From The Neck Up, a hair salon, and hang several paintings in the shop. October brings me to Armstrong's Art Gallery where I will be having a show with Jamie Frazer, Gail Dyer and Molly March. In November I am doing a project for a show at the Salmon Art Gallery involving light or lights...the show is called "Dark Nights". And that is what is on my calendar so far... I think I will be busy!

(posted on 20 Jan 2016)

It is always great to be accepted into a juried exhibition, and the Shuswap Artist's Annual Juried Members' Exhibition is no exception. I am looking forward to opening night especially, I love meeting and talking with everyone, artists and patrons alike. I am excited to see what my fellow artists have entered too.

These kind of events are very inspiring as well. I have a new drawing/painting on my desk at the moment, I have finally arranged a still life with some of my many treasures and mementos and am working from that "tableau". I see now why I haven't done this very! Its difficult to find the room to make up an arrangement of objects, leave them there and hopefully not have them get messed up! (no fingers pointed...but, I do have a curious cat). I am looking forward to seeing how this painting progresses, there are some different elements involved that I haven't tackled before.

(posted on 14 Jul 2015)

I haven't participated in The Shuswap Lake Festival of Arts for many, many years...this year I received a lovely emailed invitation to participate. How could I refuse? Summer is a very busy time for art shows and events - as you can imagine! I have to pick and choose and decide what I have time for and what I can handle with out causing stress to me and my husband. But I am pleased to be participating this year and hope to see lots of familiar faces when I volunteer on Saturday, July 25 from 12 until 2. The show starts Thursday, July 23 and ends on Sunday, July 26.

I have also been accepted for Art Walk in Lake Country again this year. Sept. 12 & 13

(posted on 24 Oct 2014)

Today I found out that 2 of my paintings "China Town" and "Winter Marsh" have been accepted into the FCA's first on-line show. It will be up soon on their website (or go to "links" at the top of the page and look for Federation of Canadian Artists) and will run until Dec.31, 2014.

Its a busy day, I got an email confirming my inclusion in the "Under 100" show at Lake Country Art Gallery too! Most of the art work will be 100 sq. inches, my paintings will be 6" x 8" and 5" x 7". It starts Nov.22 and goes until Dec.20. This should keep me busy!

(posted on 29 Aug 2014)

Sept.6 and 7, 2014 10:00 am to 5 pm I will be attending my booth in the Large Gym (near the middle where the stage is set up), I will have 17 art pieces of variuos sizes and price points and I hope to see some familiar faces there! I always have a wonderful time speaking with attendees and other artists and I always come away with new friends. : )

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